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1/2 drilled drops

Hi all, I have recently found some pretty stone drops that I would
like to incorporate into my designs. These drops are half drilled.
I am assuming that to use these I would attach a wire in the top
with an adhesive/cement product like one would do with a pearl.
Could anyone suggest an appropriate product? Some of these drops
are quartz and therefore clear. So there should probably be some
consideration for the product curing clear and non yellowing. It
feels a little taboo using an adhesive for something in my work.
These drops are of a high quality though and I should just get
over it,right? I guess it depends on the situation. Designers use
it with pearls all the time, right? Any suggestions? Thank you!

Carrie Nunes

Hi, Carrie,

I have in the past used a threaded pin bail, which is a loop, a
cap and a threaded pin on clear stones with a very minimum amount
of jewelers epoxi from Edmar in Philadelphia. You can possibly get
that adhesive locally, but if not here is their number:
215-922-5469. I have used this glue for years and have not had any
complaints of yellowing, so far. I would also prefer not to use
glue, but it is better then to have a customer call you about a
lost piece. Ask the people at Edmar about yellowing. They are
great people and I have worked with them for many years. They have
a good assortment of tools and findings. Their prices are pretty
good for the area and catalogs. They may even have the bail. Good
luck hope this helps.


Carrie - I use water clear 330 Epoxy for all the pearls and stone
bullets and tongues. I’ve never had a problem with yellowing -
even on quartz. That’s my best suggestion. I was taught to never
use that dreaded “G” word (glue), too. But you just have to on some
things. Good luck - Gini in Fl., USA