Zeiss Loupes

A while ago there was some conversation about Zeiss loupes.

Which models were you talking about? I’m considering the G-. The
system E and F look cumbersome. Is any one using one of these? Dick

Dick, there’s no way out of spending the bucks if you want the real
thing. And in my opinion, even though the E and F are cumbersome
they’re far superior to the G- if you are talking about the gailileon
G3. In fact, I found the G3 to be horrible. It was like looking
through a fog compared to the prism loupes. I’ve been there done that.
Yeah, I too thought the G3 was nice looking and the price was great-
I guess you get what you pay for. As to cumbersome, I’d try both
systems for at least two weeks each- they give you a month trial
anyway. I bought the system E and ended up jerry rigging them to my
optivisor- they were kind of heavy and one day after working many
weeks with them glued to my head I woke up with a black eye and
thought they might have been the cause- I might never know.
Pura Vida, Peter Slone

Dick, I am using the Keeler Optic magnifiers. Be sure to check Keeler
out before you buy. The ones that I use are 4x and focus at 18". I
have had them for about 12 years I think, and I finally had to
replace the frames and the holding/swiveling device last year. These
hummers have had HARD use. I think that they now make them in
higher power with the 18" working distance. I think that they are
also less expensive than Zeiss. I don’t think that Zeiss made them
back when I bought mine at the February Mid-Winter Dental Convention.
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