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Zeiss lenses

For those of you who bought zeiss lenses, did you just find them in
the yellow pages or do they have a web site and how do you order what
you need … send them your prescription? I have a terrible time
finding quality lens makers, it seems there is always something wrong
with the lenses I buy, and I usually don’t go back to the same people
twice. I can use small magnifiers from three or four years ago than I
can the glasses I bought one year ago. If you can send me something
privately I would appreciate it. Thanks Karen Bryan

You will find on the Zeiss lenses at It
will also give the name of local opticians by zip code.

I use varilux lenses and am quite happy with them. I am nearsighted
and as I get older my nearsightedness is reducing. The variable
lenses have a distance range in which they work and they do not go to
the degree of closeness neededc for close work when the far distance
is correct. I use a pair of single vision lenses for “closer” work
that have the whole field of vision in focus for normal closer
work.for realy close vision a pair of the magnifier magnifier loups
bring the work closer without taking the single visions off. Th newer
varilux lenses work better than the older type in that tey have a
wider close range field which keeps the head position better to avoid
neck strain. My normal best vision without glasses is about 6" now.
Accomidation is slower than when I was younger. The " close" vision
single focus lenses are set up for desktop and computer screen
distance . Once you have these go to a drug store and try on the
magnifier cheap ones to find out the best magnification fo your even
clloser work. You can also do this with varifocal ones but these will
not always give the best head position without neck strain and
headaches. I don’t know how much better the zeiss lenses can be –
they seem pretty close to the newer variluxes. Jesse

The Zeiss web site is at

It was quite informative and had good about dealers in
your area I do not use these products but am considering it.

Tom Kruskal