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Zales using centralized repair centers

Recently I was told the Zales Corp will not be using contract
Jewelers anymore. They will be sending there work to a centralized
location with a two week turn around. They will no longer need the
Jewelers they are currently using in order to save cost.

Does anyone else know about this?

Im not surprised after the money troubles they are having.

Im really glad not to be doing there work anymore. I had to go by
there price sheet that was dated in 2006. My hand is starting to
feel normal and my stress level has lowered quite a bit. I now have
3 independent Jewelry stores and have been working on a Line of
Jewelry to do shows.

I travel with my hand tools and work out of there shops. They get a
very good Jeweler with out paying a lot of Taxes and other
benefits.I can do a weeks worth of work in usually a Day.The problem
they were having was the other Jewelers complained about having to
much work and were Lazy. When you do piece work you have to be very
motivated in oder to make good money.

I will travel to other stores that are out of town, as long as they
pay for the gas. I recommend this for any Jeweler who wants to make
better money.

Thanks Johneric

They will be sending there work to a centralized location with a
two week turn around. 

Yes, Johneric a friend of mine IS one of those centralized
locations. They do QC and repair for large corporate clients of all
kinds, by contract, though not Zales that I’m aware of. I personally
think it’s the way the world is moving, for better or worse. There’s
also a document repository (database) nearby who archive wills,
contracts and the like for the legal industry. Not too different -
centralized, specialized people doing the dirty work…