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[YouTube] Wire beads

I’ve just put up my first video on YouTube, Make A Hollow Wire Sugar
Cube Bead. While the video is clearly meant to pitch one of my
books, the content of the video is good and of course, free. It’s
also just fun to make these beads. Go easy on me as I am a bit
headless here…my teenagers put this video together for me and
short of a few blips, I think they did a good job. Enjoy.

Your kids did great! And so did you!



I think it is very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and
think using the sugar cube is ingenious. On my Mac I had a little
trouble hearing it but was glad for the subtitles.


Thanks so much for your kind words, John, the kids really enjoyed
your feedback! It is also much appreciated by their mother.

Lisa Van Herik

It had nothing to do with your Mac. The volume is plenty loud. There
is what is known as “signal to noise ratio.” In this case the signal
is the voice and the noise is the background music. The video would
have been good if the music had been toned down and perhaps great, it
the music had been eliminated altogether. I quit watching after a few
minutes because of the difficulty hearing the voice.


Dick, I’m so sorry about the poor sound quality; we did test it on
our and some friends machines but didn’t have the sound problem; so
I’m very glad to hear about this, to get this feedback so we’ll
leave the music out (I’ve heard about this prob from a few others)
next time.

Fyi, if you couldn’t get the info because of the poor sound quality
on the video, you can go to click
"Tutorials", click “Free Tutorials” and you can download a free pdf
for making the Sugar Cube Bead as well as a couple others. Thanks
again for the helpful feedback.

Lisa Van Herik

thanks for taking the time and sharing the video. a satisfactory
video, and you said more and better, will come. great!!

richard on a mac

So glad you like it, Richard, and thanks so much for the
encouragement. Was a bit nerve wracking at first but we’ll keep at
it. Besides, it was a delight having my kids directing me, working
on it together. They’re all psyched up now to do more, having fun
giving me orders, ha!

Lisa Van Herik