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[YouTube] Vacuum Assist & Centrifugal Casting

There is a condensed version of vacuum assist and centrifugal casting
from model to finished casting on YouTube


Please always wear breathing protection when quenching flasks! The
fine silica particles will be inhaled, carried by the steam, if you
do not wear a respirator. Dangerous in the long run for your lungs.
Can you say “CANCER”?


I saw Ms Brubaker’s comment and rushed to view the youtube “lesson”

I am stunned that at this late date there are still folks breathing
the vapor rising from the quench operation. This step is the most
dangerous part of the process!!! This is where the finest particles
of silica are floating around. These finer particles imbed quite
easily in the lungs. They also stay airborne longer than the heavier
dust from mixing the investment powder. If you can say Silicosis now,
you may not be capable of taking a deep enough breath to say
Silicosis a few years from now.

Please stop being dopey about this potentially deadly step.

We make mold rubber. It is a dusty process. Our employees wear eye
and breathing protection full time in the plant.

Eye protection and breathing----simple----shape up!


Bill Mull
Zero-D Products, Inc.
precision engineered materials solutions