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Your pieces form last year?

Hi all, I’m just wondering, wether I`m particularily weird or picky.

throughout the 9 years Ive been making jewelry, Ive always had a
problem when I look at my older pieces. I dont like them anymore. which made sense, back when my work wasnt all that good yet and I
had a steep learning curve. But this shouldnt (in my opinion) happen now, with pieces that are only a few months old...should it? theres
nothing really wrong with them, but whenever I look at pieces, I pick
them apart…I couldve done this better, theres a little tool makr

the reason why Im asking, is, I finally have somebody as a sales rep in a major city, and Im trying to put her first package
together. I would love to send her all new stuff in coherent design
lines. problem with this, is I dont have any new stuff, because Im
all out of Sterling in the gauges I like to use and Im broke because I had to replace my vehicle this winter. All the pieces Im looking
at to send her (I have about 10k worth of finished jewelry) I`m
picking apart in the above described manner, despite the fact, that
when I made the pieces (anywhere between 6months and 2 years ago) I
was very very proud of every single one of them.

So, am I just fretting too much, should I let somebody else pick the
pieces to send her, should I give up on the jewelry and get a
straight job (YURCH!!..there`s nothing in this county that pays more
than min. wage, no matter what kind of a job it is) should I wait for
miracle money for Silver to fall from the sky

In a lot of ways, thiings are getting together…sales rep…chance
of free editorial advertising in a magazine…local recognition etc.
I just personally feel I should have new pieces…and maybe I`m just
seeing it all the wrong way… does anybody have advice? Sparrow

Sounds like you are experiencing stage fright more than you are
being objectively critical of your work. My advice is to pick more
than enough pieces out to send her, thinking of it as a series or
body of work, touching up any small defects (ie. make sure the
pieces are clean, etc.) and send them off. Best to you. Then, no
second guessing to make yourself crazy at night, OK? Sheri

First i would say that you should go to museums more and see the art
that has existed for years and years, i don’t know why i say that
actually(study ancient chinese design, maiori, inca, art nouveau,
glass, gorham silver), and furthermore, why do you think
negativs of your old stuff, i love my old stuff for what i knew
then, and thought about then, yea i am into new things at the
moment, and they are beautiful, but just new, not more beautiful
than the old. I’m pretty sure that you put some pics, or a web up in
the past, and i thought your stuff was great, yes, you did?? I
entered a showroom in manhattan and i brought a hundred things, old
and new for the owner to peruse, because she wanted to see my work,
then she suggested what she thought might do well in her showroom,
and we made up a line from there, deleting, embellishing and
changing things a bit, like she wanted more bangles, and sets of
bangles, and wanted me to use more ebony(i make alot of wood
stuff) suggested that some of it was too “artsy”, whatever that
means, frowned on using polished brass, mixed with silver, etc
etc. Bottom line, meditate on your work and get into it deeply,
also go back into your art consciousness from the past, and create
new things using those ideas. Look through MANY art books of
anything you like, but don’t neglect any art field, study it all,
color, form , feeling, line, sensuousness, experiment, and do
studies of ideas. Don’t get hooked into the real world of
things(jewelry) that “have been done” as your only option. Creative
thinking comes from the meditation, the hand, the feel, the look,
the idea. Make more than one model of something(many), with
different twists, etc. dp