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Your first store meeting video

Here’s a easy store meeting for you
Here’s the first free store meeting for you and your staff.

Store meetings gets the staff fired up, gives them direction and
more importantly trains the sales staff to sell better, increase
closing ratios and add on’s and increase your average dollar sale.

So you’re not so good at this you say? Well there is one guy who is:

Jim Degroot "The Jewelry Marketing Guy’

Jim’s expertise is similar to mine, ran a successful jewelry store,
increased sales thru advertising/marketing/training and

In addition to helping jewelers with advertising and increasing
store traffic Jim has devised a great weekly 15 minute store meeting
that you can play for your staff on the store’s computer. All you
need is an Internet connection and speakers.

Want to know what this week’s store meeting is all about?

Add on sales in the repair department!

Jim interviewed me via Skype and this one is available for free. Its
loaded on YouTube and if you click the link below you’ll see my
interview with Jim and myself. This store meeting promises to give
your store $18,000 to $25,000 clear profit from the shop over the
next few months.

So click the link and you’ll be taken to the store meeting with Jim
and myself.

Consider Jim for two areas of your store.


Weekly store meetings emailed to you inbox to share with the staff

You can contact Jim at his website or by email:

Enjoy your first 15 minute store meeting with Jim.

David Geller