You got me Steaming!?

Hi Steve K Saw your post on problems waxing. If you can describe
the problem, i may be able to help.Here are some suggestions.

  1. all prongs in a mold need to be vented to the outside( apply
    a small quantity of powder in the vent area and this will help
    stuborn prongs fill.

  2. If , after a few shots, the waxes begin coming out bad, (ie,
    pits,air pockets, flashing etc…) Most likely, the mold is too
    hot and needs to cool.Use an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel to
    cool the mold between shots. In Volume situations, these simptoms
    are rare since we run 10 to 15 molds on a single item
    specifically to keep the molds cool. When we don’t have volume,
    we use ice packs or chill plates(aluminium plates with cooling
    coils and a chiller)to put the molds on in between shots.

  3. hold the mold against the pot for a longer count if all of
    the above has been tried or if the item is a thick waxpattern or
    has thick areas.

  4. if the wax leaks out of the front of the mold or any area
    while injecting, then you are not getting the benefit of the
    pressure on the wax and most likely , upon close inspection, the
    wax may not be perfect.

  5. wax temps are too hot or too cold. There are other remedies
    for other problems.Hope this helps.Visit the workshop.

Daniel Grandi