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Yotkov Workshop

I just got back from the first of two intensive Valentin Yotkov
workshops scheduled in the month of May. The workshop was wonderful
and the master Bulgarian metalsmith was fabulous. He was not only a
dazzling craftsman/artist, but a generous and warm teacher. His deep
love of his craft is infectious and addictive and I am hooked on
chasing and repousse. In addition to ordering some custom tools from
him, I will be using what he taught me to begin making my own
collection of customized tools.

You know you’ve stumbled onto something special when you meet other
students who have become dear friends and disciples of this man. We
all feel compelled to share our experiences and promote his
workshops. I plan to take more workshops in the future, especially if
he does any west of the Rockies.

Studying with Valentin and visiting the Met to look at the applied
metal arts on exhibit are not to be matched. Having gotten a taste
of the possibilities in the workshop and then seeing fully realized
masterpieces is mindblowing. The extreme detail and virtuosity (the
Japanese, Spanish and Italian arms and armour, the ancient jewelry,
medieval relics, renaissance holloware and Tiffany masterpieces) is
inspiring and brings into focus an inkling of what kind of commitment
is involved to excel in this discipline.

Donna Shimazu
Change of email address: @Donna_E_Shimazu