Yemenite Style Filigree

Hello All,

This is a great thread for me to interject. I was wondering if you
had come across any Yemenite filigree?? This type of filigree is a
lost art, (being that not many practice it anymore) What are the
differences that you have come across in different styles of
filigree? How many styles are out there? I know… so many
questions! We had an artist come in last month to show us this
Yemenite style, he also gave us a great presentation on the art,
region and history that accompanies this craft. For those of you
interested this workshop will be coming back to CIJT in October. Keep
an eye out for our full fall schedule coming soon!

thanks for your answers in advance


Having never heard of or seen “Yemenite Filagree”, I searched Google,
especially images. There were a few dealers - nice stuff. There is
one and only one kind of filagree, which is where they make little
coils and squiggles out of silver, arrange them, sprinkle them with
powdered solder and heat them till it flows. The objects that people
make, and the style they do it in, varies from culture to culture,
but there’s only one thing that is filagree. I myself use the word,
as many do, to describe a lacy, pierced style of something, but that’s
not “true” filagree.

Search Yemenite silver, instead of filigree…that will get a lot
of answers.

Picture search too…


This technique is the twisted wire, and uses these ‘patterns’ to
form greater pieces. This is a technique that is rarely found, even
in Yemen this art is hard to find. Our Artist uses his experience as
a youth in Yemen to develop his technique, Yehuda offers great
insight into the art culture and history of this art. Granulation is
a technique he offers as well. And you are right this is - nice
stuff. The only thing I regret for those of you that won’t attend his
workshop is that the artist’ website is not up yet, I shall provide
the link as soon as his status changes.

good thread

I just noticed that Yehuda will be giving a two-day workshop on
Yemenite filigree at Beadissimo in San Francisco, on November 4 and
5, and will be having a trunk show and lecture on Yemenite filigree
there on October 17th.

See for more

Thanks for the update Linda, I am sure Yehuda appreciates it! Yes,
Yehuda resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, and does workshops at
several locations. I met him at the SCVG mineral show in San Jose. I
instantly was attracted to his work! I just had to invite him to
teach. I am glad he accepted!

Yehuda will also be at CIJT October 23 - 26, 2006, to register for
these dates you can click on the link below.

The California Institute of Jewelry Training
Sacramento CA.