Yellow tarnish on silver

Rick, I’m sure you thoroughly rinse your pieces after each step
(dishsoap, rinse, ultrasonic, rinse)…I would think that the
tarnish is then the result of “laying them out to dry overnight”.
The tarnish on the back is a clue! It sounds like your problem stems
from the jewelry laying on a damp towel. I get the best result by
holding each piece under a blow dryer that is set on low for a minute
or two to get rid of the majority of the moisture; then, I lay them
out on a DRY towel overnight to give the rest of the moisture time to
evaporate from the crevices. You may also want to try anti tarnish
strips in the plastic bags. Hope this is helpful!


Rick, I got some yellow tarnish, also, on silver that I had just
finished and washed and then put immediately into plastic bags. Since
most of my work has been treated with an oxydizer, I felt that maybe
I needed to more completely dry the pieces before zipping them up in
a bag. I think that the slightly damp corners and recesses which had
been oxydized might be, as they dried, off-gassing some residual
oxydizer into the tiny air space of the plastic bag, and affecting
the whole piece slightly. I now air dry all jewelry for a few hours
before zipping it up in a bag, and I have not been seeing the yellow
discoloration any more. HTH!

– M’lou Brubaker

This tarnish was a yellow with a  heavy hint of green color to

Could this process be used purposely to give a green tint to silver?
Like to make leaves? Would it last with wearing?

We had some lovely rain today - all 18mm of it! Come winter, come,
and bring lots of rain to our parched land.

Elizabeth Gordon-Mills