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Year of the Horse!


About 5 years ago in Tuscon, I saw & bought some silver models of
horses face & some in full gallop! They were just sitting in my
little plastic pull-out drawers until this afternoon! My creative mind
ran amok & put two things together, OMG.

Mind boggling results! I do this often, buy something & let it sit,
till it’s time to look at them once again.

Everyone should try this once in a while. go to some trade shows &
let your minds wander. spend a few dollars & take your items home.
One day in the future, you’ll be so darned happy your made the
impulse decision in buying that little item. I look at these horses &
see how they blended into what I dearly wanted.

I’m not a proficient wax-carver, but my little purchases withstood
the ‘test of time’ & they came in handy.:>) When the castings are done
& gold-plated, I’ll show them to you all. remember…“be creative! &
let your mind wander”.

Gerry Lewy


I have my own problem that I am working with. Years ago when I
proposed to my lady I didn’t have a ring. I got creative and wrote
her a poem. We had watched the sun set in our local mountains that
evening. Facing east the deep rose glow on the mountains, orange
clouds punctuated the deep blue sky, and the moon rising was a soft

I wrote,
I give to you the clouds full up with color
set with the moon pearl of the sky
and I’ll sprinkle in some stars if I can keep them
I love the way they twinkle in your eyes

I have talked with the local jewelers and they will not touch it.

I have decided to make it myself. I have some scrap white 14k gold,
but I will make the prototypes in silver (.925) My plan is to carve
the scene into the blank using punches and then use enamel for
color. If I make the ring blank heavy enough and the carving deep
enough, I don’t think there will be a problem with enamel. The
problem is small and delicate and heavy, but I am working on it.