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Yasui wax injector

Hey gang

I’ve picked up an older analog Yasui wax injector and looking for
some advice and instructions. Nothing in the archives.

First the vacuum and pressure lines are shot. Hard plastic which has
been creased. My plan is to replace both with Flexilla air hose with
quick release fittings. I can have the pumps 15-30 feet away. The
compression side I’m ok with, the vacuum side I’m not sure if the vac
will collapse the hose or if the vacuum is strong enough to do that.
I could go with a stiffer hose if so. I’m assuming the vacuum pump
runs non-stop which makes me want it a little bit away as I like the
peace and quiet with shooting waxes. Except for my adjectives.

Suggestions on length of time for vacuum before injection? 2 seconds
4 seconds?

I know it’s an older unit and not as accurate as digital. But with a
simple on or off I don’t worry about lightning strikes, power surges
or getting bumped and wrecking a board.

Thanks for any advice and feel free to private email.


Glad you got something interesting out of my class.

By the way, Romanoff has manuals for the Yasui casting machines
posted on their web site. Just google “Yasui manuals” I think you can
get some thick walled plastic tubing at the hardware store that will

That is what is in our vacuum system at Wildacres.


Dear Charlie,

I have and use two of these old units.

They have been in daily production for almost twenty years.

Good dependable machines. At one time I rebuilt one of them and
replaced parts on both.

Contact me off line and I can give you some pointers.

Did you know you can reverse an air holding tank into a vacuum
holding chamber?

That way I don’t need to keep the vacuum pump running while I use
the vacuum cycle of the unit.

Todd Hawkinson

I have some spare parts of Japanese Yasui wax injector.
I would like to clear my stock & give them at very reasonable price.
Contact me if anyone interested.