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I agree there’s a lot of available on the web. Some
of the resources available are “subject” chat boards like Orchid.
I would like to remind those who have issues with people (like
myself) who have only had a computer for a short time (3 months)
asking for help with where to find that this is
exactly what the boards are intended for. People with similar
interest sharing with each other. How is a person
going to find out how to access infomation if they don’t ask for
help? If a person doesn’t wish to respond to a question they
needn’t feel obligated. As very talented college instructor ( and
peer) frequently reminds his students; the only “wrong” question
is the one unasked. Not wasting time in Oregon,

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		{ Y.  A.  K. }
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Hi, I do not feel that any guestion on this board is wasted. If
I do not know the answer, I will find several. If I already know
the answer, I will get several different perspectives. In the
swift give and take occasionally a wrong word or expression will
be used. No harm is meant. It is just the smash and bang of
conversation between friends Stick with us, else we shall all
feel a loss. Tom Arnold

		Orchid Notice: 
		{ Y.  A.  K. }
		Please contact the author off list!