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[Yak] Web Sites

What kind of success is everybody having with selling jewelry on the
WWW. I think I would like to have a web site. Any advi
ce? …Hot Ft. Myers, Fl.

Marvin Hildebrant

I can’t say my success is overwhelming but I do sell enough to way more
than pay for my site…it kind of dribbles in with a lot more around
Christmas time. Its fun too, to hear from people all over. It does take
time, however, and right now with the busy show season I have a hard time
keeping the site up to date. Good luck. Jan McClellan Unique Handcrafted Jewelry


I have recently set up a web site also. So far I am receiving lots of
hits but only a couple inquires. Not sure if it is a design problem,
order form, products, or just takes time. I am also interested in any
ideas others may have. I am considering links to different organizations
and individuals too. One thing I get is a hit count from my server. It
tells me how many people enter my web and which pages they go to. It also
gives me some general info about where they are from.

Again any comments or suggests are welcomed.

Joe Kilpatrick


Hi Marvin,

I have had a jewelry web site (Jill Alessandra Jewelry for about a year now and have made only
2 sales. I get more interest from shops and galleries inquiring about
selling my jewelry, which is fine. I’ve recently started making brochures
to send to these places with my wholesale prices and have already found a
gallery in PA to sell my work in. I also find having a web site handy to
be able to show people I meet what I do (my web address is on my business
card) and to keep up with past customers. It cost me nothing to set up
and I advertise by linking to any jewelry related site I can.

There is so much talk about having your own domain name that I have
wondered if that is worth doing. Also I have been thinking about paying
for advertising (I’ve tried banner exchanges - more trouble than they’re
worth) or to come up on the first page of a search engine. Anyone try any
of this and had good results?

Jill Alessandra Jewelry

What kind of success is everybody having with selling jewelry on the WWW?

Marvin: I had the first ever jewelry artist site on the internet, about 4
years or so ago now. I’m a graphic designer and was one of the very first
graphic designers to get into web design also and my hobby/passion is
jewelry art, so up went my site. Advice? Running a successful website is
WORK. There’s no way around it, you have to maintain it, get it designed
to load quickly and all logically lead the visitor around quickly and
simply. You have to have good photos of your work. You have to promote
your site on the web and off the web. You need to accept charge cards for
it to really work, something I’ve yet to do. My site is somewhat neglected
at the moment, as jewelry work gets me away from the computer and thats
one of the important thing about metalsmithing for me, so updating my site
can be a real drag. Its advisable to have a guest book to communicate with
your clients, they like that. You have to price your work right for what
you are selling. Its an everyday thing and if you’re not prepared for that
kind of committment forget it. Customers want instant gratification on the
web and will go elsewhere for it in seconds if you don’t make them happy.
The first year I had my site up I sold almost nothing, then I redesigned
my site, put up better photos, a guestbook etc. etc. and almost
immediately everything sold. Now there’s a fair amount of competition
though nothing like my work and I would sell more if I put more energy
into it. The major advantage is that its the cheapest form of advertising
going and you get world wide coverage. Can’t beat that with a stick. My
advice, do it! Dave

Kickass Websites for the Corporate World
Crystalguy Jewelry
Recumbent Cyclist’s Advocacy Group

I am interested in knowing how you marketed you website. I am looking for
some new and innovative ideas for getting new customers to my site.

Thanks, Ricki

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Quick tip: were I you, I’d sign off with
instead of just
This way, many people will be able to access your
website directly from the e-mail that you’re sending out…
(putting http:// “automagically” creates a link
in many e-mail readers)

Kat Tanaka

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Joe, Your web site is gorgeous. I like the way you can
choose to download a bigger version of a picture. That way, I get to
decide if I want to wait for a download but I still get a decent
picture on the original page. Your stuff is gorgeous. It is possible
that your price points are high for an internet site. Perhaps people
need to WEAR/HOLD your jewelry - then they won’t let go of it. Be
sure to tell your customers at shows and galleries about your web
site. I think previous customers will be more open to ordering
since they have already seen/own your work. Marketing is good too.
You tell them how your special clasp will enhance their lives while
telling them that it is YOUR special clasp.

Great site, great jewelry, my fingers are itching.
Kathi Parker, MoonScape Designs (whose website has not pix yet)

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