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[Yak] unavailability for the next 10 days

I will not be able to answer questions about platinum during the
next 10 days. My mother past away and I will be in Germany for a
time without access to this forum.

Thank you
Jurgen Maerz

Dear Jurgen:

As one not far from the same experience, I send my sincere
sympathies. Looking forward to your return.

Steve Klepinger


So sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. My thoughts will
be with you. Have a safe journey.

Jurgen Maerz : I am sorry to hear of your mothers passing. I wish
you a safe trip and my condolences.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Dear Jurgen, There’s no way to express it adequately; safe travel
and be at peace, our prayers go with you.

Jurgen -

So sorry to hear about your mother; losing a parent is such a
loss. Be well.

                    Laura Wiesler

Aloha Jurgen, Sorry to hear of your loss.It will take a while to
deal with.Time is much shorter, than we hope, or think.Be well
and have a safe trip. Christian Grunewald Hawaii