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YAK Tube cutting


  Tim Goodwin wrote about tube cutters: I've got one I used to
cut Aluminum A/C lines for cars with. I never thought about using
it in the studio- duh!(again).

This is an example of lateral thinking. Jewellers, especially
those without much money, might find it useful to develop an
attitude that when they are contemplating something - virtually
anything - around them, to regard it thoughtfully with the question
in mind, “Now what else could it possibly be used for?” Like
separating discs used in a handpiece - they can be used to quickly
tune up the serrations on old steak knives like new. And so on.

Mind you, the problem associated with this kind of attitude
generally results in a most glorious collection of junk that
"Might come in handy one day" Dispose of any item and you’ll need
it next day! Cheers

   / /    John Burgess, Nelson, New Zealand
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