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Yak to Stella

George is no longer at Highline - he's working as a Foredom rep
and doing work for Rio at trade shows.  He is indeed a complete
computer-phobe so don't expect him anytime soon.

I guess that means he’s no longer working for Larry either… I
wish him the best of luck. He was probably the most loved
instructor the Highline jewelry program ever had.

Hellyn retired this year (Fall I heard) due to heart problems. I
guess that George didn't have fancy enough credentials to let
him take over the program. Their loss.

Is the program still being administrated? Who took it over?

I'm trying to start a business but my husband isn't the most
co-operative. Hope to hear from you again.

Good luck to you Stella, hope Starshadow’s business is going

Say hi to everyone for me if you see them.