[Yak] Theft of southwest art and jewelry

I would like to thank Dr. Aspler for this list and his generous
offer to post artist’s work in his website gallery. I sent some
info. and a photo of the silver pottery and jewelry created by my
internetless friend, Lee Epperson, and Dr. Aspler was kind
enough to add a page to the Ganoksin Artist’s Gallery at:


I would also like to alert list members of an article printed in
The Crafts Report Online. The article is about the theft of a
million and a half dollars worth of southwest art and Indian
jewelry from Bing Crosby; the representative for many
southwestern and Indian aritsts. The theft occured about a year
ago and so far the artwork and jewelry has not been turned up. I
would like to spread the word about this stolen artwork and try
to get the art recovered and the bad guys put where they belong!
You may see this article in the back issues of The Crafts Report
Online at:


Sorry to be slightly off subject with this but I felt it was
something I could do to help these artists who suffered such a
major loss.

Ken Hunrichs