[YAK] Spelling + Hanuman's Response

In every Posting that i have put up, I have been careful to put
things into paragraphs , seperated …etc…etc but for some reason,
when the posting is done,it is often all pushed together which can
make it difficult for some people to read and understand. I have also
tried writing in “word” and copying the post to orchid and it still
happens… Is there a way to do this correctly? Often, I see other
messages that are properly paragraphed. What is the secret:)

Just curious.
Daniel Grandi

Hanuman’s Response:

Dear All;

In regards to your question about “properly paragraphed
messages vs. unproperly paragraphed ones”, I would strongly
suggest that you hit the key between each paragraph.
This will create a hard c. return and will be compatible with
the scripts I am using to reformat messages. I also would kindly
request you guys to send messages in PLAIN TEXT ONLY. I get
postings generated with different mailers, Operating system and
languages, I get them in plain text, rich text and even html.
The misformating is due to wierd characters. I will do my best
to keep the original author formating, and to pay more
attention to this issue in the future, regardless the input i get.

Thank you for raisng this issue. It will help me improve the
service on orchid

and of course, Thank you all for being with us on Orchid.

I find that if I write in word or word perfect, and set the margins
so the text area is only about 4 inches or so wide, then copy it to
the clipboard and then into my outgoing email message, it works fine.
But its not as easy or efficient as writing replies in my mail

When I don’t use Word or Word Perfect, my having set my outgoing
messages to wrap at a specific number of characters (for example, 60)
often interacts with the hard returns at the end of each line to make
the resulting message a mess.

Dian Deevey

Hello all, I am glad that Daniel Grandi (hi Daniel) asked the good
question and that Hanuman responded. Now I know to hit after
each paragraph. Indeed, that little instruction should improve
readability for everyone!

Again many thanks to Hanuman for facilitating this forum and I look
forward to the prospect of an e-commerce addition. We all really
need to help support Orchid.

Judy from Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Extension Associate
221 Call Hall Kansas State Univerisity
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-1213 FAX (785) 532-5681