[Yak] Slow Postings


You Probably have been noticed that Orchid postings are
coming out slow for the last couple of days…

as you probably know by now, know i I MUST read everything that
comes in before it gets sent back out to the list. Now, the
reason I go through all this is to spare you all from having to
suffer noise, junk mail, spams, repeated signature files, ect…
I filter the would be spaming, format each of the postings, and
generally do what I can to make the list content as clean and
readable as possible. I also try to make sure that the subject
line reflects the message content.

I am doing it by myself, voluntarily without any assistance
whatsoever…:), For the late couple of days I was busy moving
my production facility to a new 6 floors building facility and
preparing my self for the Upcoming Gem and Jewelry in Bangkok.

I had just no time for the internet. No Other excuses…I truly
apologies. All Your messages are safe on my hard disk, nothing
has been lost…:))

Thank You all for your patience and understanding

have a great day

Dear Hanuman:

Please don’t appologize for not staying up nights just to run
this free-of-charge listing service! I’m sure I speak for us all
when I say we appreciate all your trouble. I know I’ve
bennefited from it greatly.

Best wishes;

Dr. Aspler,

  Please don't apologize.  I think we all realize that in
  providing this forum for us all, you're essentially giving
  us, for free, a very large junk of the time of each day,
  and of your life's energy.  It's a sacrifice you make from
  your own dedication to the good of the field, and we all
  appreciate it greatly.  If your personal or professional
  life needs to intrude on your Orchid schedule, it must take
  precidence.  We all know that and don't begrudge it.  And
  besides, the worst it can do is cause the discussions to
  proceed at a slightly slower and more relaxed pace.  This
  usually will be a good thing!  We can all use to slow down
  a little now and then.  You too, sir.  Please don't ever
  let this network prevent you from now and then taking time
  to watch a sunrise or suset, smell a flower, or take a
  moment of time (or many moments if you need) to yourself. 
  We don't mind.  And you deserve it. 

Peter Rowe

Hi All,

  This is a call for a specific kind of help. (without
  consulting with Dr. Aspler (Hanuman)) 

  If anyone has a willingness to help Hanuman with the list,
  please contact him at service@ganokisn.com. We are talking
  work here, but important work. 

  The mailing list is a monster, and takes (I would imagine
  1 hour per day at least) a serious, steady, commitment to
  community in order to handle. If someone has the gumption
  to seriously commit to this job for a specific period of
  time (I think a six month stint would be a start) then not
  only would you be contributing to our online village at
  Orchid, but giving poor Hanuman a break. My own schedule is
  too wierd and full to help out on this job, but there may
  be one of us who can commit to this. What do you get from
  this? About as much as Hanuman, a knowledge that you made
  a difference, changed something, made the world a little
  better. Sometimes a little recognition, but mostly a sense
  of service. Remember volunteering gets you further on the
  wheel of life... 

  And makes a difference to 2000 plus Orchid members. 

  This service could be a rotating thing, six months per,
  duty done, passed on, giving Hanuman a break. 

  Consider such a volunteer act as a kind of internet peace
  corp activity, on the side of the angels..... 

  Remember it would be serious work, taken seriously,
  carried out well and professionally.... 


Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada