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[Yak] Seeking those who helped me

I had requested help finding 1. wirewrapping classes/instruction
in NYC &/or Balto and 2) info about videos and/or books on the
same. I got some marvelous responses… then my computer
crashed, the hard disk had to be reformatted (!) and I lost all
that. Would those who emailed me before be willing to repeat?
(I can pick up the info that’s on the Orchid archive, but not
anything sent to me directly.)

I know I received at least one response the day my computer
crashed, so please, to anyone who thinks I’m wildly rude for not
responding… it’s just that I lost both the address and the

As long as I’m at it, I’ve heard of a wire wrapper named Wendy
Vienna. Anyone know her work?

My computer’s back in operation again… and I’ve learned:
BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP! Many thanks — Ryr