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[Yak] Searching for Merchant Credit-Card

Linda; It realy comes down to swipe or non swipe. If you were
to have access to a phone line, or you wanted the cost of
using a cell phone, with a modem hook up you could have the
customer run his/her card through the machine as if you were
at your store. Then there is no additional charges from the
credit card processing companies. Also you are able to
varify over the phone instantly if it will be accepted or
not. On the other hand if you wanted to have some faith
(risky these days) then your could take down their name,
credit card number, expiration date, address, and of course
amount to charge. you could then process it in the morning
at the store. Unfortunately from experience this form of
sale is a non swipe sale, and costs extra. Novis, Visa/
Master card, and American Express get a fee. Also the bank
charges more, and the processer gets their fingers in the
way as well. You could pass it on to your customer. Also if
you take the non swipe route, make sure you get a couple of
diferent phone numbers to call if the card is denied. I have
only been stiffed once in hundreds of these non swipe
transactions. As you can see I’m not excited about credit
card processing companies though. When I set up Barbara’s
Treasure Chest a few months back I received probably 80 -
100 little cards in the mail telling me their service and
prices were the best. I currently use National Data, but they
are all the same (that’s my opinion. Someone else might be
more cheery)

Good Luck
Harley Groff

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