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[yak] my handle

   Hi there GeorgeDebbie, and you think my handle is
strange??? ; )

hi fishbre,

well, i already know i’m strange, just making sure about you.

seriously, i respect you’re decision for your choice of handle
and will only use it as you’ve asked.

as for my e’mail address, i didn’t want to leave my wife out
because it annoys me when she leaves me out. like when she
subscribes ot my trade magazines and puts only her name on it.

as for the handy gadget, let me clarify: it only cuts exact
uniform lenths of fine wire, from an almost unmeasurable small
snippet to about an inch long. no jumpings involved at all. the
manufacterer call it a granule link cutter. why he has link
cutter in the name, i don’t know because i wouldn’t make links
in this manner. i think he was trying to make it sound that hes
gadget could do more than it can.

best regards,

geo fox

Where does one obtain this gadget? Do you have a company name?