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[yak] Lost dust

I do not work in GOLD, the silver dust that ends up in the
bench, on buffers, or whatever, isn't worth that much!!! (is it?)
 New, we're only talking around $4.00 (when ordering 100 ounces)
something per ounce.  Yes, I sweep filings, I use a sheet of
paper to catch the saw stuff and filings, but beyond that, I
don't bother.  Should I get all I can?  Thanks for advice.

Well, if you don’t want to bother with it, it’s your call. But
then, after reading your posting, I recalled something my old
employer told me about his running a gold manufacturing
operation here in Bangkok.

At the end of the year, when it was time to do the factory clean
up prior to the Chinese New Year, the companies that did the
clean up work would bid on the project - they would pay for the
right to clean the place up! Think about that for a moment if
you will.

All the best,

Michael Terence Carney Jr.
Site Administrator
Ganoksin Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Then there is the story about the Jeweler who asked his daughter
what she wanted for a wedding present… She suggest, ‘Not much’…
how bout the old barrel in the corner that u keep putting
sweeping into …(for the last 15 years) he agreed… Bottom line
is she got $20,000,00 as a wedding present…

From the mouths!!!..


I remodeled last year and went from carpet to vinyl. I
shipped the carpet in to my refiner, got a check for
$4800.00 (beats a sharp stick in the eye). I scrap every
quarter and our recovery is up quite a bit, I am sure
its from being able to sweep everything up. Mark P.