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[Yak] Home Front

All, Home front problems seem to glare at you when you return home
after being gone for two weeks as a Tucson Dealer. Electricity is
one hard to predict quantity. I came home to a house with six burnt
out light bulbs. This is normally a problem with pulsations in the
current. We could not find any source until Sunday night. At 8PM a
large explosion occurred. Power dimmed and all the phones went
dead. A transform blew up a few hundred feet from my house.
Electricity was restored withing a few hours. Today we have one
phone line back in business. On Sunday morning before the explosion
a computer hacker stole my daughters screen name and pass word. In
a matter of minutes the hacker had flooded other subscribers
computers with illegal email. Needless to say, AOL blamed us and
kicked us off AOL. It took most of the morning to convince them to
allow us back online. My online business had no communications for
four days. We drove home from Tucson with an ailing vehicle. On
Monday I traded it in for a new truck. It took all day at auto
dealers to make a deal. Spend a day in the show room of auto
dealers. You will learn more about scamming the public than I ever
knew existed. All this plus a few plumbing problems now fixed and I
am back in business. I will continue posting in the near future.
If the lines stay up.

Gerry Galarneau