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[YAK] Girlfriend's book about her cancer

Folks: I hope you will let me talk about a book by a long-time
goldsmith, Christine Grenninger. She produces beautiful work and has
been exceptionally generous to me as a teacher and friend. Recently,
she wrote about surviving ovarian cancer and its spread 4 times.
Given the exacting and toxic nature of our industry, I thought it
might be of interest to members.

Christine learned that striving for perfection in everything she did
was the only way to survive a merciless grandmother, who viciously
undermined everyone. No surprise Christine found herself at the
production bench years ago. Some of us have probably arrived at this
profession the same way. But her occupation also offered her the
pleasure of creating beauty. Her story is just a clear-eyed look at
how we can shine despite ourselves. The book is called "I’m Done with Cancer " and is $9.99 on as a Kindle book

Or contact me online for this info.