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[YAK] Geneology


Hi, I know this is off subject of jewelry, but before my father
died, he told me that he had cousins in the Central Valley of
California who were jewelers. They had changed their name when they
moved out here because they did not want it know in the small town
they settled in that they were Jewish. Unfortunately, he never told
me their names, but they were still alive because he visited them.
My father’s name was Arnold Friedman and he was born in Oshkosh,
Wisconsin. So, if there is anyone one this list who fits this
description, please contact me, because I know nothing about my
father’s side of the family.

Thank you for letting me use this list for a subject that is not
directly related to jewelry making; but finding any relatives is
important to me and everywhere else I have gone, I have hit dead

Thank you again,
Jaynemarie Crawford