[YAK] Funny or pathetic?

Hi All;

Thought you’d get a kick out of this. I hadn’t recieved (I thought!)
any Orchid posts for an entire week. At first I thought that Orchid
was temporarily suspended as Hanuman and company took some much
deserved time off. But I began to get worried. I was just about ready
to email a couple fellow Orchidians to ask them if they knew what was
up when I discoverd something.

I had set up a special folder under my in box for my Orchid emails
just to make life a little more organized (as if!). I had completely
forgotten that I’d done that, even though it was right under my nose.
So today I looked in the folder. 550 posts! Yippee, guess I’ll be up
for a while tonight.

I tell ya, it ain’t easy getting old. Yesterday, I fretted about a
FedEx package for an account that I’d just dropped in the drop box,
second guessing myself about whether I’d put in in the UPS box
instead (which is right next to the FedEx box). By 5 o’clock, I could
get online and track the package. False alarm.