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[YAK] fun little story

Howdy Folks,

I recently returned from Maui. While hanging around with my
brother-in-law at the beach by the resort one morning we saw a dude
working in the surf (12-18 inch close-in breakers on sand)with
snorkel gear and a metal detector. We thought it was odd that the
resort would allow that. Having a bad allergy/sinus headache I went
and sat down nearby. A lady walked up to my B-I-L and began some
conversation I couldn’t hear, then sorta walked off a ways. He then
told me she was a on her honeymoon and her husband had just lost his
wedding band the previous evening and she was REALLY upset.(like -
unreasonable/annulment upset). The dude was supposedly one of the
’best’ local guys for this type thing and was recommended by the
Sheraton folks. So we HAD to hang around awhile. The husband came
down and was standing with the wife just to our right. After about 20
minutes the dectorist dude comes walking up the beach and asks
them,“OK now WHERE were you again?” They start trying to delineate
with arm gestures some 75-100 foot area of the beach when the guy
grins and says he found it! Man they were happy! Of course ,at this
point we started insinuating ourselves into the situation a little
more. The band appeared to be about the color of 14KY and quite wide
(over 3mm-3.5mm?) plain. The husband starts to pay the dude off when
I say “Hey folks, ya’ got a camera? Cause your kids and grandkids
might like to hear this story sometime. Your making memories right
now.” I guess they were in such shock it never occured to them or the
detector dude. So she comes up with a camera in her purse! Pictures
of everybody, the dude even gives 'em the crap (I call my metal
detector a crap detector) he found for souvenirs!(pop top, hair
barrette-thingy) (probably keeping the Rolex and other goodies he
finds as a ‘tip’). It was so odd seeing all that happen. Thought
you might enjoy the story. Carl 1 Lucky Texan oh