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[YAK] Fun little story - lost and found

Another little story of lost and found, amazing and true. Long ago
two dear friends were walking in the Bois du St. Cucufa outside
Paris, France. Each had a small son in tow and it was an early
fall, shiny and crisp day. The boys toddled along and when they
began to tire the mother’s came to rest under a very, very large
tree. After fifteen minutes or so they decided to turn and go back
the way they came, but not before taking out a camera and snapping
shots of each other and the boys. Up the trail they went for some
distance, when one suddenly realized there were rough and empty
prongs on her hand which had, until then, contained a very nice 6mm
blue sapphire. It was one of a matched pair set with small diamonds
that was given to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. Well, you can
imagine her upset. In spite of friend’s insistance that it would be
futile and tiring to go back, she did just that - at a trot -
searching the trail but somehow most intent on reaching that great
tree. In it’s shade she crouched to all fours, trying to remember
her exact position as she stood posing for a photo. And, there it
was. Impossible - with a French accent. And yes, the ring was

Pat Hicks