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[yak digest] PACKRAT ? Who me!

Fred: I’m a Leo and cannot throw ANYTHING away. I can match
your thirty years and then a little more. Everything is
potentially useful–and I especially enjoy finding some oddball
thing among my possessions and using it successfully for some
purpose for which it was not originally intended. Usually I
remember exactly what I have, although it may sometimes take me
awhile to find where it is lurking. I think it is related to not
being able to see the workbench top for all the things on it–yet
we usually can find what we need. I’m also convinced that the
things we can’t find have been spirited away, or just need a
rest. They always turn up. The main problem with saving
things is running out of space—and significant others who just
don’t understand how important it is to have a large inventory
of things that might come in handy one day. I’m also happy to
see I’m not the only one. Sandra/ElegantBee


We are 18 Dec (john) and 13 Jan (Cynthia). If you were to ask
ANY of our friends if we were packrats, you would most likely get

(H E )

grin and a resounding laugh and a very positive , heart warming
"YES they are both packrats"! Aries we are not but packrats we
are for sure!!!

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