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[yak] Deep-Pocket Customers

I run into a lot of dentists who always look at my work and feel
they could make it themselves at a fraction of the cost! The
funniest thing I have seen in awhile was a piece of jewelry made
by a classmate in a workshop I just finished, who incorporated
gold crowns into her pendant, set as if they were stones! I
thought it showed a great sense of humor, and I laughed about it
all the way home! She said her dentist seemed rather confused
about it when he saw it!

Hi Ruth,

Yeah, the dentist will make it, sssssure the dentist will. They
start to wax, realize it is beyond their patience and also
probably beyond their skill level so they send it to the lab
(through a delivery service for which I’m paying) and ask you to
touch it up and cast it for them as a favor! The "touch-up"
takes you three hours, and when you look at the gold sent to
cast it you cry. It is a conglomeration of different karats
golds (many still with the extracted teeth in them) and a 4-5
dwt. button left over from dental school that has been cast 3 or
4 times with no new metal added! They then proceed to complain
about the pits in the casting! There are a few that can do it
but precious few.

Next time look at them and break into a series of hearty



                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and