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[YAK] Credit card processing

Hi Everyone I am doing my first out of state indoor show and I am
having the credit card delima. How do I process my charges?
Making long distance cellular auth. doesnt seem logical but
waiting to authorize in the hotel room seems scary. I checked
into a mobile unit but these are so spendy and dont give you an
authorization unless hooked to a modem…yoikes! How does
everybody do this? Thanks for the advice


Raise your prices about 5% and get the authorization on the spot
with a cell phone. It’s part of the cost of doing business. -

Hi TLee, I have a manual processor and I call in the cards at
night. I try to get a phone number and address (address is the
only thing the credit card people will verify) but I’ve been very
lucky and have never had a bad card at a show. Good luck.


I wait until I’m home and do them. I always ask for a telephone
number with area code, explaining that I’ll be processing them
at the end. It’s a little risky, I’ll admit, but the mobile
units are very expensive.

Janet Kofoed
fine handcrafted jewelry

I did a couple of ACC shows in 1997 and rented a cellular phone
when I got to my destination. I called several dealers listed in
the yellow pages and went with the best deal. The phones cost me
$35.00 and $60.00 for a period of about 5 days.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

tlee-we use a radio wave machine. Granted it does not always
work in certain areas, but in most metropolitan areas it does
(cannot get a signal at home in the shop). No cellular bills.
Of course the machine is about $3,000, but you can lease or
lease/puchase it. If you are interested e-mail me off line and I
will get you more info. jb

J. Byers