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[Yak] Civility Counts

Hi All: I seem to have noticed a small uptick in impatience and lack
of civility in the last few weeks. I don’t want to blame it on the
weather, the season, or anything else, since we are each responsible
for our own behavior. One of the really special things about Orchid
is the wonderful sense of community, the kindness of everyone
involved, the willingness to share and to help others.
Let’s not allow that to be spoiled. It doesn’t mean we can’t offer
criticism–but criticism can be positive and constructive, and
sometimes better in private than public. We don’t have to like
everything either–we can just not read it, delete it, or not

Meanwhile, I’d like to offer the Best Wishes for the up coming
Holiday Season-- Great Success in the Marketplace, Lots of Good
Luck, and Good Health and a wonderful sense of Well Being.

Sincerely Sandra

I think it’s the season that brings out the temper flares and lack
of civility. Most of us are either buried knee deep in work or scared
to death because we aren’t, But that being said always remember what
Thumper the Rabbit told Bambi “if you can’t say something nice about
some one then SHUT UP! Oh wait that’s not right it was then don’t say
any thing at all”. Seriously though Every one I hope none of us get
what we’ve coming to us and we all do get what we deserve (I think
there is a double intender in there some where) Lets remember that we
all born of ignorance to this most wonderful of devices and this
outstanding forum for learning and expression, so lets treat the new
kids on the block nice, maybe they can teach you something some day

Kenneth Ferrell