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[yak] Caution etc

Morning all,

Reading the note about caution what can you say or not say.

Under our law here in Zambia and according to my lawyer who is
rated among the top here if you have anything to say always say
alledged eg in the Ward’s case the ALLEDGED incident as it is
still in dispute.

Secondly if you are writing a letter that may be viewed as
contentious or you think may be used in a court of law or you may
be discussing an issue with the other party to resolve an issue
that may be in court or going to court but you don’t want to
prejudice your position always write ‘WITHOUT PREJUDICE’ ON THE
TOP OF THE LETTER. This means that the letter can’t be produced
in evidence or its contents diclosed.

Other comments from the law world would be interesting to see.

best regards
david chivers

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