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You are a wise man, John Burgess. I think you appreciate the
importance of human discourse and its relation to creativity.
Bravo. I vote for “Subject” clarification. YAK is okay as a
description and as a way for those of us who may be isolated to
connect with others who love this work. It’s valid. It’s
important. It’s YAK and can be designated as such. As can
LAPIDARY and METAL entries. Don’t censor, select! Respectfully
submitted by: Mia, “La Prima Donna de YAK” Someone who has better
artistic sense than technical knowlege. Someone who needs
encouragement from the human as well as technical elements on
this list. Someone who is raising children and who has a lot to
offer in sensiblity, creativity, intellect and encouragement. I
hope these things are still as important to art and craft as is
technical and experiential wisdom.