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[YAK] Atlanta, Georgia

Hello everybody-

I have done well in college, and I am looking at master’s programs
for accounting across the country. I have an opportunity to earn a
master’s degree in accounting and IT from Georgia State University.

I would like feedback, on the state of Georgia, on Atlanta, and on
the university. I welcome any and all comments - please reply offline

Thank you for all of your help,
Susannah Page-Garcia

As a native here, you’ll enjoy it. Georgia State is in the heart of
downtown, which has many “flavors” right where it is.

Atlanta has a large square lies for 9 counties, almost 5 million

As a young person you’ll love it.

Humid as can be in August and traffic in downtown is a bear. There
are dorms not far from Ga. State at Georgia Tech.

You’ll have fun here.

David Geller