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YAK- Anyone located in Portland Oregon?

First let me say that this site has been not only an inspiration
and a wealth of but also great support to a novice
such as myself. I have very little experience and I want to learn
so badly but the only place in my community is community college
and that is not an option to me at this particular time in my life.
I cannot find Adult Ed classes or workshops, Ideal would be if I
could pay someone to teach me, which I would do gladly. There are a
couple of people such as Deb and Skip to name two who have offered
their services from a distance and I am sure I will take them up
on their offer. I believe that even for the basic foundation of
knowledge I may need a hands on environment, any suggestions,
advice, recommendations. This is my second letter and the first
one I received such great infomation I thought maybe I could ask
for help again. Thank you so much. Pamela

Pamela - I too am a novice and interested in learning more tricks
of the trade - you are not far from me if you are in Portland… I
am currently in Eugene finishing up a degree in Metalsmithing at
UO. Maybe we could get together sometime and share techniques? -

Why do you think the community college is not for you? If the
teacher is good, why not? I teach at our community college and
usually half of my class is old enough to be the parents of the
other half. And since we get to know each other pretty well by the
end of the semester it makes for some pretty interesting dialog
over the filing and sanding. I value my “non-traditional” students
highly. They are motivated and disciplined and set a very
important example for the younger set. Why don’t you see if you
can sit in on a class? My oldest student ever was 70. Good luck Pat
from Central Pennsylvania

Pamela…Any chance you can get down to Depoe Bay? I moved there
for 5 months and studied with Del Krielsheimer at Thundering Seas,
(part of OSU) You can call Del at (503) 765-2604. (It is possible
that the area code has changed) The way it worked was that I paid
for 60 hours of instruction in advance and then went when I could
and the time was deducted. Some people don’t use their hours up for
years. ( Materials were extra)

Del is an incredible women, not to mention quite a character, and
now about 88 years old, but she knows her stuff. There is an
article about the school in the April '95 issue of Lapidary

I learned the basics and then some. I LOVED Depoe Bay and the
school is right on the Pacific. Hope this helps! If you want more
info just email me offlist. :slight_smile:

western North Carolina

Pat :

I am in not way putting down or criticizing Community Colleges or
any College Courses for that matter. For personal reasons, it is
just not an option at this time. Sorry for the confusion. You
sound like a fantastic and caring instructure.


Here, here! My oldest student was 68 and she spent her whole time
making presents for her friends… a remarkable woman, whom ALL the
younger students loved and respected. It is my experience, too, that
mature students make for a stable and interesting class.

Dauvit Alexander,
Glasgow, Scotland.

I agree that a community college class can be terrific. I took
two terms of night class at Clackamas Community College. We met
once a week for four hours. The class was very unstructured and
you pursued your own interest, Using their equipment saved me lots
of money. I was able to narrow my field of interest and thus avoid
spending money on tools and equipment that would not be needed.
Most of the people in my class were over 60 and very knowledgable.
Their expertise and willingness to help was great. In addition,
the lab had numerous open sessions during the weekdays.

I would recommend this approach highly. Good luck whatever route
you choose!

Bob B

Pat and everbody else,

Regarding . . . “Why do you think the community college is not for
you?” . . .

I am a former student of a Portland, OR community college
sponsored jewelry design program. I will let the following post
serve as an explanation as to why this is NOT such a good idea for
some . . .

Let me elaborate a bit on the events that led up to this
situation. For months, students had been mislead into believing
this to be a VERY professional and challenging course. I
personally, was involved for approximately four months. During
that time, our “instructor,” under the pretense of “having fallen
ill,” was gone from class about 80%+ of the time leaving the class
to be self-taught by the students. During this time, we
discovered, that it was actually drug rehab that our absent
"instructor" had been undergoing. The college expected us to “wait
it out,” of course while paying full tuition. Though I had only
been a part of this sad situation for four months, a fellow
student, who had been there nearly a year-and-half, had only
received about 1/3 of the training he had paid for. His frustration
was that although completing only 1/3 of his training, he was less
than two months away from his supposed graduation date. We all had
voiced our concerns repeatedly, but the school took the opinion
that there was “nothing wrong” with the “instructor’s” performance
and that any problems that we had with the quality of our training
couldn’t possibly be reality because “of all the years of good
instruction” the instructor had given to the school. The school
stood their ground until the “instructor” could not be located for
weeks. It was at this point that the school suddenly changed their
stance, promptly(less than 15 minutes notice) shut down the
program, and have attempted to appease everyone with hasty refunds.
This would seem to be the end, but some of these promised refunds
could not be honored due to incompetence on the part of the school.
This whole situation makes me so mad I could scream.

If anybody wants to know more about this, PLEASE e-mail us
off-list at @intrica.


Heather Sickler
Jeff Howden
Intrica Fine Jewelry

I agree that a community college class can be terrific.
I would recommend this approach highly. Good luck whatever route
you choose!

My first post here, was so shy I didn’t even introduce myself. I
am very new to jewelrymaking, no matter how it’s spelled!!
Taking my first course in adult ed at the local high school and
have a terrific teacher! I am probably about the oldest in the
class, and I guess I’m doing OK as the teacher told me I am already
working on stuff she doesn’t normally get to until the second
class! It has been a very positive experience for me and I have
already started buying gemstones and thinking about what I want to
do next! Would you say I’m hooked?

Brookline Massachusetts (Boston area)


Yes, I’d say you’re hooked and I’d also say that if you’re buying
gemstones you ought to get all the education and advice you can or
you’ll pay too much for too little.

Roy (Jess)