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WTB 10,000 Garnet chips/scrap

Hi. This is a strange request for me but here goes. My
sister-in-law is a teacher and every year they have a panning for
garnets (rather than gold) for the students. She said she used to
get them from a company in Montana but they are no longer there. They
would send her bags of gravel and mixed in would be all sizes of
chips and fragments of garnets, like scrap. She would get them by the
pounds and said the amount of chips,etc was about 10,000 pieces in
the rough or whatever. Anybody know where I can get these, fairly
cheap? Thanks as always for your help, Victoria

You can get garnet BEADS for approximately $1.00/strand from A&P in
Los Angeles. They are in the California Jewelry Mart and their phone
number is: 213.624.6280. Ask for Mahee and tell him I sent you!

catherine clinch

Victoria, I have a five gallon bucket half full of garnet sand
which is full of small size garnets from about one millimeter to
three millimeters, and some even a little larger. It has been
sitting on a shelf for a number of years and I would gladly help you
out if you want. You may contact me off line at
@kelly_van_vleck to discuss it if you like. I also have quite
a lot of black sand concentrates with gold that I have accumulated
over the years during my gold prospecting days (Which are sadly over)
and would be happy to part with some of it also.
Contact me if you like. Kelly

Victoria, There are a lot of ruby and sapphire mines in the Cowee
Valley of western North Carolina. This is just outside of Franklin,
NC. You might call their chamber of commerce and ask for a list of
their mines, or suggestions. I used to go to Holbrook’s mine. The
owner’s name is Weaver Holbrook. Another mine’s name I remember is
Mason. There’s a story that Tiffany’s used to own the majority of
the land that is now being mined, many, many years ago. Also, I was
always told they never found the mother load. Weaver Holbrook was
always very honest, friendly and helpful. It’s been 12 years since I
was there, as I moved far away. I’d start with Weaver. I do not
have his phone number any more, but you can get it form
Good luck.

Sharon Perdasofpy

Look in either the Lapidary Journal or Rock and Gems Magazine. You
will find many dealers of inexpensive beads. There are almost an
unlimited variety of poorly polished, misshappened, and chipped
inexpensive beads for sale.

Gerry Galarneau