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Wrong words blowing sales

was: Changing the term “semi-precious” stones

I too have followed this thread with interest and enjoyment! My bit
of home turf, West Australia, has more than its fair share of
gorgeous rocks in every hue; quite some few are unique - i.e. don’t
occur elsewhere in the world. Chrysoprase is one such, and I was
recently told that it has been profitable exported to China as. jade.

I digress. Brian Meek’s examples of how the wrong name can blow
sales brought to mind a beautiful Chinese brand name blooper. Pansy
brand men’s underwear was the most memorable. It also made me think
how clever marketing can make a once un-desirable stone very
desirable indeed.

Once, (long before I had anything to do with making jewellery) I
thought the only desirable diamond was a blue/white. Other colours
were inferior, really only suitable for industrial purposes. Today
diamonds in every shade of brown (sorry, cognac or even sherry) are
very desirable indeed - and I attribute that to very clever marketing
from the people at Argyll Diamonds.

Hey, Leonid, go easy on me. your knowledge levels are both broad and
deep, far greater than mine will ever be.

Orchid contributors are teaching me a great deal - this is truly a
marvellous site and ‘community’ - my thanks to Hanuman and to all
who contribute.

Jane Walker