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Writing & High Holydays


I just want to take this moment to wish all of my my Jewish friends a
"Shanah Tova" or a “Happy New Year, 5778”. This Holy-Day starts at Sundown
this coming Wednesday, because of this holy-time season my writing will be
put on hold.
My next Diamond Setting essay is basically on Bright-Cutting in using a
"Fish-Tail" pattern, no CAD is used. Periodically, I will post some
photographs in the weeks ahead just on how this Bright-Cutting is
initiated. There is only one opportunity to make this project look
exceptional, no second chances! Cad, is great, but we have to try and
re-invent 'Bright-Cutting".
Just had my second Cataract operation, it’s just amazing how these two
little “optical-toys” are enabling help me to see again…:>)
*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto. (905) 886-5961 *


Hi Gerry,

I’m glad that the operation went well and you can see so well. Shanah Tova.



Great news about your second operation and a happy and prosperous new year


Hi Gerry,

Thanks for all your help. Most of all have a happy and healthy.



L’shanah tovah u’metukah to you and your family.


And a great New Year to you and your families. We all need a rest from the fun on Ganoksin!
From Rosh Hashonah & Shabbos we all need a few days off, agree?..:wink:

Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!


כן. Yes. A a few days off! Ellen


Shana Tova Gerry and every one! Here’s a great moment to say thank you to Ganoksin and all the Orchidians. A World of Kindness is emerging…


Shana Tova, Gerry.