Lost a sale yesterday. A lady had tried on a cocktail ring, massive
cubic in sterling.

Really liked the look I said, “This is a cocktail ring, flash it
when having a cocktail.” She said taking the ring off. “Promoting

I think she needed a drink LOL.


You could have meant a virgin cocktail. I don’t drink anymore, but
still use the English language. I may have responded, "nope, no more
cocktails for me. I’m more of a tea todler now. "Maybe we can call it
a “tea Ring” or “better than you ring” or “Holier than thau ring” or
maybe “the Satan killing good person talisman”. Maybe you should have
called it a “cock ring” or is that perverse and not politically
correct enough of me. Just venting. Some people take words too
seriously. She didn’t even give you a chance to recover from your
comment, even if she did find it offensive. Your comment was pretty
tame and appropriate, she has issues. I’m finding it hard to hold
back my sarcasm today so If anyone is offended by my comments, that
wasn’t the primary goal. The goal was to point out the humor of
language but I will accept someone being offended as a partial goal.
Can’t remember who said this originally, but I saw it ona t-shirt: “I
don not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at
death”. One way I take this as there are definitely more important
things in the world to be offended about compared to the occasional
offensive word choice. Arthur Anton Skuratowicz

Yeah, that’s somethin. Should have called it an abstinence ring

In my opinion, even though I wasn’t there, I believe she was just
looking for an excuse to say no. Some people are like that.
Actresses. Wasn’t serious to begin with. Just a hunch -but a serious


Aw. sorry to hear that! I don’t see the harm in your comment but I
guess you never know what people carry close to the surface. Don’t
feel bad!

Arthur, you win the prize!!! You wrote all the stuff I was thinking
and more. Even better, you gave me a laugh that started my day with a
smile! “better than you ring” or “holier than thou ring” - LOVE IT!!!

Donna W
Huntsville, AL


She needed a life! Suspect that would have been a forever
disgruntled “customer.” Good riddance.