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Would you welcome a wire wrapper's work here

Tagged onto this message incorrectly but as many have already said,
of course you are welcome here. Many of the famous Mary Lee Hu’s
earlier pieces were done with her own version of wire wrapping. She
moved on to twining as she grew as an artist/metalsmith. When I first
started out, the only thing I could relate to in my metalsmithing
classes was wire; twenty some years later, I still explore it and
feel like I “own” it. Appreciate what you can do and love the process
and the journey.

Lisa Van Herik

I have been reading this thread with some interest. NO ONE has the
right to decide what jewelry or art is for you. Define yourself, and
do not be intimidated by what anyone else has to say about your
choice of materials or techniques, as long as you are learning,
adapting, exploring and creating.

There is probably not one technique or material that has not been
looked down on in the past by some “expert” protecting their own
turf in the field.

I have spent my career working in the “traditional” jewelry store
environment where most of what is discussed on Orchid would not be
seen as fine, or rather marketable jewelry, but that in my opinion is
a short sighted, parochial view that misses out on some of the most
creative talent developing what may be tomorrow’s fine or
collectable jewelry.


By now, you must feel both welcome and accepted. Many of the
responders are highly qualified to understand and respond. What most
here understand is fine craftsmanship. From those who know of you and
your work, you come well recommended. Welcome to some of the most
caring and sharing folks assembled anywhere.

Now enjoy Orchid as a participant and share your talents.


Wire wrap NOT jewelry?? HAH! Check this work out and be in awe! What
a wonderful new way to interpret jewelry. Not at all the kind of work
that I make, but these people totally rock! Welcome to Orchid!

-Lisa (Next phase of terracing begins. I am up to over 80 fruit trees.
Waiting for the avocados to flower and produce. Maybe next year.)
Topanga, CA USA