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Worst thing you've ever heard from a show promoter


I have a few of these, first, coming from a wanabe craftsman(box
designer??), slick buisnessman, named richard rothbard. At one
point in the early 90’s, he offered me entrance to one of his retail
shows, which was 400$; since he and his wife johanna loved my
showstopping, unique, wood bracelets, that rarely sold in
northeastern(US) suburbia. I met him at an overflow show, of his that
i did in springfield mass., outside an ACC show, a few years
earlier. So anyway, he said, we’ll see how you do and i’'ll take some
of your stuff, based on that, for the show fee. His wife was at my
booth for a 1/2 hr, oogling and drooling, being an upscale, nyc
craftsbuisnesswoman. I sold $0.0, at that one day, 400$ show, has
that ever happened to anyone? And I had my stuff priced lower than
usual, in hopes of selling something, which we all have determined,
is a bad idea, for handloved, timely, artistic work,cuff
bracelets,$40 ea in this case. He came along and very nonchalantly
collected up the pieces that his wife was so fond of,10 damn
bracelets, as i tried to convince him of his original deal(yea
right). Wouldn’t have any of it! And he said don’t worry, i’ll put
them in my crafts stores in manhattan, and see if they sell!! I
talked to him a few years later, at a show, after he avoided all my
calls. He said, No sorry, That is a product that would never sell in
my stores. I have seen his wife at at least 4 shows after that,
wearing my stuff, but she or he wouldn’t even say hello!! Neiman
Marcus has now given me a few orders for about 500 pieces, and they
are selling them for $180 each, because now i am in a showroom. dp