Worst thing you've ever heard from a buye

 can't imagine someone spending forty minutes at a jewelry booth
(one that has prices shown!) and not realize that paying $9 and
some pocket change is a ridiculous way of misinterpreting "nine
forty-six" for the amount of jewelry he was picking up! 

I have learned a long time ago NOt to assume !! But this was one of
those assumptions that he understood the value of what he was
buying… I have since learned though , That customers can surprise
you!!! And sometimes what they value is not the same as your… I
have many times placed prices (and still do) on a trays of product
to, for that show, minimize having tags everywhere , say $100 .oo and
up Your Choice $99. on individual trays,and repeatedly had
customers like the story of ring size say 99 Cents?? Like a piece
that took 30 hours of work even looks to them like it should cost .99
cents Well ,I don’t take that as a reflection of my work but rather
a reflection of their intelligence to even think like that… some
people just walk through life in a fog…

We always try to treat our customers with respect and help them as
much as possible and be patient,and earn their business but
sometimes it is time to flex that muscle of independence which is
why we are self employed And although rarely, Sometimes it is best
to tell them don’t let the door hit you in you as* on the way out…
Their rude and impolite comments and feeling the need to just ruin
your day on purpose… is not why you are there. And thankfully there
are not many of those out there and the ones that are Well we get to
tell stories about !! Grin

Btw it was not an off handed giving him the total price to write
the check for… I had even held up the calulator with 1" numbers
and turned it to his face… when I said 946.oo … This was one of
the people that go though life in a fog and I didn’t realize that
till last minute… The conversation for forty minutes was
explaintation of how the piece was made, the time if took, the
materials used etc… You can’t shop at Walmat and get that much
jewelry for $9.46 !!Even as good as they are ! Grin