Worst thing you ever heard from a buyer

One of the worst things I heard wasn’t from a buyer. I could have
ignored this from a buyer who didn’t know any better. What made this
funny is that it was from a sales person who had worked in a
jewelery store for years. I was working on a custom pair of earrings
and was having trouble trying to determine the exact placement of
the post to get them to hang nicely. And being a man with unpierced
ears I couldn’t try them on myself. So I went into the sales floor
and had a female sales person try them on for me. I saw that I
needed to unsolder the post and move it just a bit. I went back to
the shop and made the adjustment and returned to try them on her
again. She took them from me and said " Wow what ever it is that you
glue those on with sure dries fast". John Wade @WADEDESIGNS