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World's Colored stones trends

Gem Dealer prices have a lot more to do with the size (quantity) of
the purchases than the fact that they are “card carrying” gem
dealers. The fastest way into the “club” is to make large purchases -
consistently. Prices will go down and suppliers will "mysteriously"
show up.

Best regards Robert Lowe, Lowe Associates - Brasil, Gemstones, Rough,
Specimens Tucson February 7 - 12, 2002 - GJX # 205 e-mail

Robert, You have skimmed the surface of gem dealers. It is true
that the more you buy the better the prices get. But, there is much
more involved in the layering of gem dealers than the purchase. What
does the gem dealer that is selling the stones pay for the stones?
How does the gem dealer get the contacts and open doors to purchase
at the closest level to the cutting house? Many of my long time
friends in the gem dealer business to this day refuse to identify
their sources. Just now after 25 years of cutting and 10 years of
dealing in gemstones are the doors starting to open. It is a very
closed society. You must earn their trust, respect, and meet their
requirements for honesty or you do not get in. Anyone can buy from a
traveling stone dealer. They are about three to four levels above
where a gemstone dealer has to buy at. You will know when you start
to get accepted. Deals will be offered to you that you never knew
existed before. These are not cheap deals. $10,000 usually is the
start and they go up from there. Like Robert said, you must buy
often and stay a player in the loop.

Gerry Galarneau