[Workshops] [NM] Jewelry workshops

Marilynn Nicholson Taos School of Metalsmithing & Lapidary Design

If you want to expand your knowledge and perhaps try something new
this summer or autumn, please check out the current schedule for
Taos School of Metalsmithing and Lapidary Design. A variety of
workshops are offered throughout the year including week long, one
or two day and individual study classes. There are a wide variety of
subjects offered for every skill levelincluding workshops that
feature texturing and forming techniques and others that concentrate
on unusual ways to set stones or feature detailed work using
especially designed hand made mechanisms. Special tips involving
innovative ways of soldering are explored so that you can improve
your approach to designing and making jewelry in a more technically
efficient way. Concentrated workshops on designing rings and
earrings will stimulate your imagination and provide a fresh

New Mexico is known for its wonderful galleries and wide variety of
suppliers providing inspiration and materials for almost anything
you might like to try. A housing list with unusual places to stay
gives a more in-depth look at living and working in an art

Contact the school at taosjewelryschool@msn.com or call 575-758-0207
to discuss your options. New Mexico is a great place to spend a
holiday and learn new things too! I will look forward to hearing
from you. Marilynn